Tension Rises for Keki : Rajanikanth & Akshya Kumar are the reason

It seems that, for Actress Keki Adhikari, her producton debut ‘Kohalpur Express’, is not going to be easy. One has arrived for her and it’s heavy. And the tension is from the Indian superstar duo Rajanikanth and Akshya Kumar.

 The superstar duo’s movie: ‘2.0’ is going to clash with Keki’s home production in Nepalese box office. Both movie are set to release on same date, April 27. After this announcement, it is obvious that Keki’s movie is most likely to get nominal shows on compare to ‘2.0’.

 Rajanikanth and Akshya’s flick is already a most awaited movie for Nepalese audiences as well. So, it is for sure, the movie will overpower Nepalese theatres, especially multiplexes.

It must be noted that no Nepalese movie dare to fight with such super hyped Indian cinemas. Now, it will be interesting to see, what will be the Keki’s move for this hurdle.

नोट: हरेक शुक्रवार बेलुका ९ बजे NtvPlus मा कार्यक्रम ‘द सिनेमा टाइम्स, हेर्न नभुल्नु होला, हाम्रो यस आधिकारिक website मार्फत पनि Tv Show (द सिनेमा टाइम्स,) हेर्न सकिने छ | साथै एभिन्युज टेलिभिजन मा बिहान ९.३० बाट बेलुकी ९.३० सम्म प्रतेक घण्टा प्रोमो प्रसारण भैरेहेको छ ।

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