Kapil Sharma’s scriptwriter arrested after identifying as a criminal

The Cinema Times,

Kapil Sharma’s both the shows made the viewers giggle their hearts out. All things considered, there’s stunning news identified with him and his famous comedy show. The scriptwriter of his show, Ram Abhishek Singh is a criminal. The police have captured him on Thursday.


Ram has been stealing away from UP from quite a long while. He was staying in Mumbai with a fake character. He has faked names like Keira Singh, Rohit Singh, and Balinjar Singh to make due from capture. The scriptwriter Ram has acted in The Great Indian Family Drama furthermore composed scripts for different TV appears.

As indicated by reports, it is a murder case of 2009, that occurred in Mehazanpur, a town of Azamgarh. The carbines assaulted his granddad in his town. While he figured out how to get away from the passing, his other relatives were murdered. Ram’s uncle quickly got captured, while he fled and conveyed Rs. 30,000 as a prize for his murder.

Subsequent to becoming more acquainted with his address, the UP STF captured Ram promptly. He was staying as a paying guest in Mumbai. He holds a degree in mass correspondence from Delhi furthermore MBA. Nothing has been turned out from the production house till now.



नोट: हरेक शुक्रवार बेलुका ९ बजे NtvPlus मा कार्यक्रम ‘सिनेमा नेपाल’ हेर्न नभुल्नु होला, हाम्रो यस आधिकारिक website मार्फत पनि Tv Show (सिनेमा नेपाल) हेर्न सकिने छ | साथै एभिन्युज टेलिभिजन मा बिहान ९.३० बाट बेलुकी ९.३० सम्म प्रतेक घण्टा प्रोमो प्रसारण भैरेहेको छ ।

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