Watch: PREM GEET’s new song ‘Yeta Tirkha Lageko Dherai Vo’

The Cinema Times,

Nepali cinema PREM GEET has released their new song on YouTube. The new song titled ‘Yeta Tirkha Lageko Dherai Vo‘ is a folk song featuring Pooja Sharma.

The song written by Yadab Lamsal has been sang by famous folk singer Pasupati Sharma and Purna Kala BC and it was composed by Arjun Pokharel.

Sudarshan Thapa’s new offering PREM GEET is a romantic love story which is all set to hit screens from 12th of February 2016. PREM GEET happens to be one of the most awaited teenage movie of this year. According to producer Santosh Sen, every Nepali should promote and support Nepali folk song and this folk song is demanded by PREM GEET’s story too.

So come fall in love again this valentine with PREM GEET.

Watch the video:




नोट: हरेक शुक्रवार बेलुका ९ बजे NtvPlus मा कार्यक्रम ‘सिनेमा नेपाल’ हेर्न नभुल्नु होला, हाम्रो यस आधिकारिक website मार्फत पनि Tv Show (सिनेमा नेपाल) हेर्न सकिने छ | साथै एभिन्युज टेलिभिजन मा बिहान ९.३० बाट बेलुकी ९.३० सम्म प्रतेक घण्टा प्रोमो प्रसारण भैरेहेको छ ।

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