Vidya: Not Very Keen to do Remakes

Actress Vidya Balan says she is not very keen to do remakes, especially if it is that of a classic movie.

“I am not very excited about the thought of doing remakes, especially if it is a classic. But sometimes your greed as an actor overpowers you and every rule that you make for yourself,” Vidya said.

The actress will next be seen in ‘Begum Jaan’ , a Hindi adaptation of National Award-winner Srijit Mukherji’s critically-acclaimed Bengali film ‘Rajkahini’. The film witness  Vidya play a brothel owner in a story of survival set against the backdrop of the country’s 1947 partition .
The film is set to release on April 14.
Talking about the movie, Vidya said, “Srijit came to me for the original which I couldn’t do at that point. So I was glad he came back to me. When I saw the film, I didn’t want to give it a miss.”
She says she was not trying to mimic the original.
Mahesh also added that ‘Begum Jaan’ is not a remake as there is freshness in the narrative. Mukherji also asserts that it is a retelling of the story from a different perspective.

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