Priyanka Chopra rocks the west on her Quantico success

The Cinema Times,

Our cutie, Priyanka Chopra who ruled Bollywood for just about 10 years is presently collecting consideration in the West for her kickass acting capacities and obviously her great looks!

It has been in the news that Priyanka will be a part of the super-hit American thriller, Quantico. Everybody is as of now raving about her part in Quantico and she investigated every possibility. PC assumes a vital part that of Alex Parissh in the motion picture and oh rapture! She stuns through it. The appear and the channel won numerous grants after the show took off. Priyanka has been perceived for her execution at prestigious Award Shows! Approach to go.

Of course, the show’s scene was to a great degree generally welcomed thus ABC chose to do the full arrangement. There will be a season 2 for the show too. The show’s achievement in America has worked its marvel in different nations too. Justification Channel of the UK has chosen to broadcast Quantico at prime time. The American TV show will be debuted in the UK and Priyanka is there for the dispatch of the same.

On a relatable and expert note, Priyanka has quite recently wrapped up a calendar of Baywatch in which she assumes a negative part furthermore is securing up her script a bollywood motion picture. It would appear that she’s been honored with a great deal of fortunes of late and she’s shaking her approach to stupendous achievement!




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