Lilly Billy’s Released date Confirmed: Targets Nepalese New Year

Currently Actor Pradip Khadka is busy shooting Milan Chams love flick ‘Lilly Billy’ in United Kingdom. Amid shoot, the movie’s release date has been announced. The movie will hit screen on Nepalese New Year eve day.

 ‘Chaitra 30 will be the movie’s release date’, Film’s distributor and producer, Gobinda Shahi, confirmed.

 ‘55% of the shoot is completed  and We see that rest will also complete as per our Schedule. So, we have decided to release the movie on the same date, as previously announced’, Shahi Said.

 Likewise the first song of ‘Lilly Billy’ will be public on Christmas.

 Along with Pradip Khadka; Jashita Gurung, Priyanka karki and Anup Bikram Shahi are on the board. Film is being produced under Kafiya Films, Sudeep Khadka Production and Chams Entertainment.


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