Kapil Sings For His Punjabi Film

Comedian and actor Kapil Sharma, who has produced a yet untitled upcoming Punjabi film, has also sung a few songs in the movie.  Film’s lead actor Damanpreet Singh said.

“Besides producing, Kapil has also sung two to three songs in the film. The name of the film is still not decided. Apart from me, the film also features Gurpreet Guggi,” Damanpreet told IANS on the launch of his forthcoming TV show “Sher-E-Punjab: Maharaja Ranjit Singh”.

Damanpreet said Kapil won’t be starring in the film.

“He has only produced it. The one he is acting in is ‘Firangi’. Our movie is a Punjabi film,” said the 14-year-old, who revealed that the movie is on the lines of Aamir Khan’s “Taare Zameen Par“.

“This show will be 100 per cent real. So, there won’t be any cinematic liberties taken. Since I am a Punjabi, I have learnt ‘Gatka’ (a form of combat training). For this show, I used to learn horse riding and sword fighting daily,” he said.

Besides Damanpreet, the show will also feature Shaleen Bhanot, Sneha Wagh, Rumi Khan and Sonia Singh.

“Sher-E-Punjab: Maharaja Ranjit Singh” will be aired on Life OK starting from Monday.

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